Welcome to Pro Ranger Inspection, LLC

About Us

Pro Ranger Inspection, LLC. is a visual inspection company based out of Houston, TX. We provide professional inspectors dedicated to providing quality inspection services throughout the oil & gas and petrochemical industry. 

Pro Ranger Inspection maintains the premier trained inspection workforce in the industry. We offer turnaround inspection, on-stream inspection, specialty NDE inspection and vendor surveillance.

Turnaround Inspection

~Supply pre-T/A evaluation and assist in turnaround planning/scheduling

~Track inspection status and completion percentage throughout the turnaround

~Final reporting documentation

Vendor Surveillance and New Construction

~Specifications, codes and standards compliance such as ASME, NBIC, API, ANSI, AWS

~Identify quality and scheduling issues

~Offer production solutions

Customized post-job data package compatible with client specific MI program

On-stream Inspection

~Provide API 510, 570 and 653 services to existing and new Mechanical Integrity (MI) & Process Safety Management (PSM) programs

~Provide personnel knowledgeable in analysis and corrosion monitoring software capable of utilizing Ultra-Pipe and various other client specific software packages

~Strengthen mechanical reliability by managing and measuring pre-determined Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Non-Destructive Testing

~Ultrasonic thickness

~Shear wave inspection

~Phased array

~Positive Material Identification (PMI)

~Liquid penetrant and mag particle